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Web Design: PNG-8 vs. PNG-24

January 8, 2010

PNG is an image format just like JPG or GIF. It was created to improve on and thereafter replace the GIF format. PNG’s come in a few formats, two of which are PNG-8 and PNG-24. What’s the difference? PNG 8 Only 256 colors thus optimal in file size. Use if the image consists of solid, even […]

Illustrator: Centering objects

January 6, 2010

In Photoshop, to center an object in your worspace, you simply use the ‘Align vertical centers’ or ‘Align horizontal centers’ buttons (outline below for comparison). It’s more or less the same process in Illustrator: Centering objects in Illustrator Select the object. Select the align icon at the top of the screen to the right of […]

Photoshop: iStock images with clipping paths

January 6, 2010

Certain images on iStock come with a clipping path. This means that the image can easily be cut out if you have an image editor like Photoshop. Finding images with clipping paths To find images with clipping paths type the following into the search box: Keyword + ‘clipping path’ (e.g. apple ‘clipping path’). If the […]

Photoshop: Basics of using the pen tool

January 6, 2010

The pen tool in Photoshop may look daunting at first though it’s actually fairly straightforward. Select the pen tool by clicking on it or using the ‘P’ shortcut i.e. type the letter ‘P’ on your keyboard. Whatever line/shape is drawn with the pen tool is known as a ‘path’.  A path is basically an outline. An […]

Photoshop: Image becomes blurry after resizing

January 6, 2010

Images in Photoshop are raster based unlike the vector based images in Illustrator. In photoshop, scaling (resizing) an image to a larger size can result in an undesirable ‘pixelated’ effect whereas scaling an image to a smaller size can result in an undesirable blurring and loss of line or color detail. The following technique solves the […]