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Illustrator: Duplicate layer

January 8, 2010

For whatever reasons, you might wish copy (duplicate) a layer in Illustrator. In Photoshop you simply right click the layer in the layer pane or use the CTRL + J shortcut. Duplicating a layer in Illustrator is slightly different. How to make a duplicate layer 1 Make sure your layer panel is actually open by […]

Illustrator: Cutting out a shape or a path

January 8, 2010

Cutting out a shape or a path from a background For the purposes of this explanation, we have a larger image upon which a shape (rectangle tool, ellipse tool etc.) or path (drawn using the pen tool) is overlayed and whatever of the larger image falls outside the perimeter of the said shape or path is to be […]

Illustrator: Can’t find ellipse (circle) tool

January 8, 2010

In Photoshop, the ellipse (circle) tool can be found by right clicking the rectangle tool in the tool panel. Illustrator, as with many things in comparison to Photoshop, is slightly different. Simply left click and hold for the ellipse (circle) tool to appear. You can then select it. Everything’s obvious in hindsight, eh?

Illustrator: Space between letters using tracking

January 7, 2010

To adjust the space between the letters of your in text in Illustrator you need the access type panel. This can be accessed by going to WINDOW > TYPE > CHARACTER or using the shortcut: CTRL + T. Using tracking Tracking creates an even spacing between multiple characters in a line of text, widening it […]

Illustrator: Centering objects

January 6, 2010

In Photoshop, to center an object in your worspace, you simply use the ‘Align vertical centers’ or ‘Align horizontal centers’ buttons (outline below for comparison). It’s more or less the same process in Illustrator: Centering objects in Illustrator Select the object. Select the align icon at the top of the screen to the right of […]

Illustrator: The basics of using 3D

January 6, 2010

Illustrator has a nifty 3D function. To access it: Select your image by clicking on it. Then go to: EFFECT > 3D > BEVEL & EXTRUDE Click preview to see what your doing. Drag the cube around for the desired effect. Change the extrude depth to adjust the thickness. Change the bevel to adjust how the […]