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Illustrator: Space between letters using tracking

To adjust the space between the letters of your in text in Illustrator you need the access type panel. This can be accessed by going to WINDOW > TYPE > CHARACTER or using the shortcut: CTRL + T.

Using tracking

Tracking creates an even spacing between multiple characters in a line of text, widening it out, or tightening it up.

  1. Highlight the characters that you want to adjust (i.e. all of the characters, just two characters etc.).
  2. Place your cursor over the icons in the type panel until the ‘Set the tracking for the selected characters’ tool-tip pops appears.
  3. Adjust the values for this field to achieve the desired effect.

Tracking is not to be confused with kerning. Though both affect spacing they are intrinsically different approaches.

    Source: http://library.creativecow.net/articles/clark_lon/kernandtracking.php

    Everything’s obvious in hindsight, eh?


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