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Photoshop: iStock images with clipping paths

Certain images on iStock come with a clipping path. This means that the image can easily be cut out if you have an image editor like Photoshop.

Finding images with clipping paths

To find images with clipping paths type the following into the search box:

  • Keyword + ‘clipping path’ (e.g. apple ‘clipping path’).

If the term clipping path or work path is not mentioned then it’s not provided.

Using the clipping path in Photoshop

Click on the paths tabs. To find the path tab look at the pane that contains your layers. At the top you’ll see layers, channels and paths. If not, click WINDOW > WORKSPACE > ESSENTIALS (or BASIC). There should be a path sitting in the pane. Right click it and select ‘Make Selection…’. You can now use it as you would a regular selection e.g. fill, cutting etc.

Everything’s obvious in hindsight, eh?


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